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Letter to Congress

With the advent of the Health Reform debates the most important voices in shaping policy have not been heard or summarily dismissed. The very doctors who deliver patient care had little impact in craf ting policy and as a result a sleeping giant has stirred.

In less than a year, normally apolitical physicians, who focus the bulk of their attention on patients, remaining current on the latest therapies, and complying with onerous government and insuranc e bureaucracies , have built a grassroots organization of more than 3,000 physicians called Docs4PatientCare.

We’re here in Washington, DC today following the public launch of the organization to lay the groundwork to prevent the implementation of the most egregious aspects of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”.

The ability to care for our patients (unencumbered by outside bureaucratic influences) is at the heart of why we became physicians. The free market practice of medicine has done the most good for the most people in recorded history.

Our hope is to work with Members of Congress, like yourself, to correct the weaknesses of HR 3590, now Public Law No: 111-148, by presenting a unified voice for actual practicing physicians.

Please understand. We will not quietly accept this radical transformation of our lives’ work, our souls’ very calling to heal the sick.

Consider the impact of 3,000 doctors motivated to spend just 2 minutes with each patient explaining the damage this health care reform is doing to our practices and to medicine in general. Treating just 10 patients a day will result in more than 600,000 patients a month hearing how their Congressman is damaging their care and the future care of their children.

Consider that we have doubled in size nearly every month since our birth last June.

Consider that doctors are among the most trusted voices speaking to the hearts and minds of our citizens.

Representative, we will specifically remember your vote and your public position in the months concluding 2010. Specifically, we will remember your change of mind from your Nov. 7 vote against the radical reforms to a yes vote.